Scissor Tent

The tent construction is made of aluminium alloy, four-edged or stronger six-edged profile. Surfacing from komaxit. The construction does not include any plastic links or loose components so there is no risk of losing them.

2x2 m 3x3 m 3x6 m
Besides the basic dimensions it is also available in other size options.

Pyramid Tent

Construction, roof and walls fold up in a rigid and tough bag. The longest tent part measures only 180 cm. Thanks to ropes led through the pole and a handle on the stand, lifting the roof is fast and easy.

10x10 m 10x13,7 m 10x17,5 m

Inflatable Tent

The tent is equipped with an inflator built into the tent leg. Material from resistant PES covered with a film of PVC ensures it is tough. Inflating takes 10 minutes (230 V).

4x4 m 10x10 m

Pneu Tent

After inflating, a compressor is no longer necessary. The construction is narrower than the inflatable tent one, thanks to which you may use more exhibition space. The tent is very compact, except when inflating it is completely noiseless and therefore suitable also for indoor spaces.

4x4 m 5x5 m 6x6 m

Wooden Stand

Wooden fold-up stand, usually used for markets and fairs. Thanks to the screws and wing nuts, no tools are needed. Canvas is fastened using cords. The counter (lamellar base) can roll up for easy transport.

Full-colour CMYK Choice from a swatch
200x140 cm

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