Manufacturing from PLEXIGLASS

Plexiglass is a plastic which does not age or yellow due to UV radiation. Compared to other plastics, it is the most resistant to scratches. However, it offers many more advantages.

Plexiglass's insulation abilities are twice as great as classic glass, moreover, it is half as heavy and not so fragile. The low weight and preservation of the appearance and quality of the final product are two of the big advantages of this material.

Plexiglass products may be used not only in advertising, but also in mechanical engineering in the form of mechanical parts and in civil engineering. Bulletproof window panes in banks, apertures or coloured fence panels are made of plexiglass. It can also be used in households or offices as a material for the manufacturing of furniture, design elements or objects of everyday use. The Tavros company designs and manufactures plexiglass products according to individual client requirements.

Production technology

In production, we use these technologies:

  • sticking, bending, heat forming
  • laser cutting, milling, drilling
  • engraving, sanding, printing
  • assembly of parts into technological units
  • LED-diode backlighting
  • implementation of acrylate expositions including assembly

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