Creative work

The defined visual identity of our brand is the basis for any presentation, yet solutions offered by the Tavros company have a much wider range.

We offer a complete package for successful operation of your company, from the naming of the company, services or products and the design of a functional logotype, to the visual identity itself and the creation of a website, and the design of the visual and functional shape of an area, package design or a campaign. We will help you with both the internal and external culture of your company or with a strategic plan with regard to your goals.

With well-established brands we will use the current visual identity of the brand in connection with the design manual and we will expand it sensitively in other applications.

The brand consists not only of a logo and visual identity, but mainly of ideas and the abilities to realize them. Therefore, we also try to strengthen the brand in these aspects by our work.

Finishing works and DTP

As soon as a new brand design from the graphic designers’ workroom is finished, the DTP department carries out the following works.

Our graphics fill the new layout with contents prepared by an experienced copywriter, photos and other necessary elements.

Finishing works include typesetting, bitmap adjustment, preparation of pre-print data and the production basis or basis for our programmer. These final adjustments of the new work play a crucial role in the whole process. They are decisive in the final impression of all the work done by our experts.

Copywriting, translation and editing

Copywriting or custom text writing is a common part of all advertisement services.

The created graphic design in the form of webpages, banners or any other advertisement carrier usually needs to be filled not only with visual information but with textual information as well. The contents of presentation systems are very important because they reflect the image of your brand, but they are also a way of communicating with the client. For these reasons they deserve due attention.

We offer complete language-presentation services. For new presentation systems we will provide tailored texts. If a client brings their own texts, we recommend a consultation with a language proofreader and we emphasize both the formal side and the contents of the text.

We provide high-quality translations into all world languages as well as translations into Czech, including translations of expert, technical, legal or judicial text.

Installation, assembly, completion

The Tavros company offers completion, assembly and expert installation of all types of products, e.g.:

  • coating of walls with special foils or wallpapers
  • indoor or outdoor fixing of advertisements, assembly platforms, work at heights
  • installation of stretching systems for gable banners, stretching of canvases, their maintenance and exchange
  • electro-installation of light advertisements by a qualified person

We offer also several exclusive gable wall areas in Brno.

Product completion includes product packing, labelling, foil packing, preparation for shipping and transport.

Maintenance of promo-materials, storage, transport

The customer and product care in the Tavros company does not end with simple delivery of the ordered goods.

We offer maintenance of produced material, storage and transport. We use our extensive experience in production, operation and care for presentation systems and provide our clients with the greatest possible comfort when using it, e.g.:

  • storage in a dry storage area
  • implementation of exhibitions, help with their operation
  • cleaning, inspections, repairs and preparation before further usage
  • storage of small products during the campaign with the possibility of sequential taking
  • shipping or delivery of products at the site of implementation

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